Empowering hospitality professionals

We have taken opportunities to live and work internationally to gain varied experience in the dynamic world of hospitality. Over the last twenty-five years, our food and beverage knowledge has grown through experiences and passion for the hospitality craft. We have come to the point where our developed methods can be taught and shared.

We provide hospitality consulting, food and beverage consulting, online marketing and content development work in English or German for hospitality-related businesses. Our guidance and practical tools provide the knowledge needed to make and reach goals.

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We look forward to discussing and developing your thoughts in detail to help your business thrive.

Evelyn Krsynowski hospitality consulting and content developer
Marcus Krsynowski hospitality consulting and online marketing expert

Evelyn Krsynowski (Wing)

Evelyn entered Texas A&M University as a scholarship track and field athlete and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences in May 2010. After finishing her studies, she continued her education by developing practical skills at the Culinary Institute LeNotre while working at The Four Seasons Hotel in Houston.

The Four Seasons Hotel, Brandenburger Hof (Now Dormero) Hotel, Vue de Monde Restaurant, The Pendry Hotel and Sur La Table are just some of the places where she gained her professional and management experience. She has also gained experience developing effective trainings, strategies, and content for businesses online. Throughout her career, Evelyn pursued opportunities to gain international experience for longer periods of time most notably in Italy, Germany, Australia, and in California and Texas while in the United States of America.

She met her German husband in Texas and, while working in Germany, she had to pick up the language on the job providing her the opportunity to become fluent in the German language. She can creatively apply her extensive hospitality, food and beverage, e-commerce, content development, and social media knowledge necessary to position businesses for success.

Marcus Krsynowski

Growing up as the son of the owners of the Hotel and Restaurant Am Alten Rhin in Germany, Marcus developed a passion for hospitality world. After finishing his European style apprenticeship studies at the Business School for Tourism in Absam, Austria while simultaneously working in the 1-hat hotel restaurant “Sporthotel” in Igls, Austria, he continued working in hotels abroad gaining years of experience. He also furthered his education by completing a 3-year hotel management program in 2015 in Neuruppin, Germany.

The Four Seasons Hotel, The Pendry Hotel, and Sonesta Hotels International, and The Rosewood Sand Hill are just some places where he gained his professional and management experience. He sought out opportunities to work internationally for extended periods of time most notably in Germany, One year in the German Navy, Austria, Italy, France, Australia, and in Texas and California while in the United States of America. He met his American wife while in Texas and has become fluent in the English language.

He can apply international business perspectives and extensive knowledge of various management, e-commerce, marketing, and social media strategies necessary to drive positive business results.


We empower hospitality professionals through content development and food & beverage consulting services.

Our Expertise

Online Marketing

We provide online marketing and consulting services. Whether you need to increase direct bookings or create, develop, and maintain your online presence, our methods and trainings can help guide you there.

Food and Beverage Consulting

Over the last twenty-five years, our food and beverage knowledge has grown through our experiences and passion for the hospitality craft. We have come to the point where our developed methods can be taught and shared. With our guidance and practical educational tools, you and your team will have access to knowledge needed to reach goals that apply directly to your business needs.

Content Development

Organic content engages communities! We create relevant stories, text, blogs, and social media content to reach communities. We take the time to understand the details that bring your message across creatively and clearly in English or German.


Along with the active development of specific projects for our international clients, Krsynowski and Wing also develops various online platforms for specific audiences. These projects provide us the opportunity to test out techniques and ideas that provide our target audiences valuable online resources. Stories and Text are created to maintain and better understand community involvement. These ideas serve as live inspirational examples for interested clients looking to initiate growth or restructure and revamp a webpage.

Feel free to refer to some of our finished or live projects listed in our portfolio below!